Respirators and Dust Masks for Beards

Dust Masks With Beards

It’s an interesting topic, but what are the EU & UK rules for Beards and Dust Masks or a beard respirator? Whilst not a simple two second answer, read on and you will build a foundation of knowledge in no time.

Protective Masks and Facial Hair in the UK

The compatibility of beards and dust masks is a question we get asked more often than anything else. And putting it bluntly, facial hair and tight-fitting respirator masks just don’t mix. The simple fact is that no dust mask can work effectively unless it forms a seal against the skin. Facial hair (beards) can create gaps between the respirator and the skin, thus breaking the seal and leaving you unprotected from hazardous materials and breaking every health and safety law in the book.

Powered respirators feature loose fitting hoods, helmets and visors. These blow clean air across the face under positive pressure, providing the wearer with enough clean air to prevent the contaminant leaking in. Every employer in the UK has a legal responsibility to ensure that their employees working in dusty or potentially hazardous environments are suitably protected. In recent years, many employers have been prosecuted for failing to do so.

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Beards and Dust Masks